Information management enables automation of systems


In principle, an electromagnet transforms electrical energy into linear mechanical work, however, as a standard, no device allows to know the position of the central core.

Add detectors, will retrieve this information and then manage them at all useful levels.

Thus sensors can easily be implanted by our factory on the body of the device – The technologies used will be electrical contacts or sensors (magnetic, proximity, etc. ..)

Applications are multiple such as:

  • Locking and access control.

  • Securing goods and people.

  • Process automation.

Another very interesting application of this adaptation will be to save energy and reduce the size of the electromagnet if it is equipped with 2 coils – Indeed, the electrical contact will allow the rocker a coil on the other:

  • Powerful remote kernel call coil – low duty cycle (short-term power supply to limit overheating).

  • Low power coil for holding the core when gluing (when running) – 100% duty cycle (100% power supply).

The trick is used to boost electromagnets, to limit the temperature of clean heating and to save energy – For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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