New: control units for slat pergolas


The pergolas of yesteryear that were made of wood and provided a framework for climbing plants have been superseded by innovative design worlds that are underpinned by sophisticated technologies to create warm, welcoming outdoor living spaces.

That is why Elero has developed a control unit that includes a radio receiver to make it possible to interconnect the various control and command components. Elero’s centralized home automation solution gives you simple, intuitive remote access to all the adjustment features from your smartphone or tablet.


The system consists of a central box that you can use:
– To control one or two electrical actuators of max. 50W at a voltage of 24 VDC.
– Regulate or synchronize two actuators.
– To control manual operation via a radio-transmitter set
– To control lighting, heating and sound
– To automate the control of shade levels (depending on the measured light intensity)
– To close or open your venetian blinds in the event of rain or snow.
– To set the system to its safety position to protect against storms.



The new unit can be used to control the following elements:
– Picolo 0 actuator:







-Compact tubular linear actuator with an elegant design.
-Easy to connect and control.
-Silent operation.
-Load up to 1800N depending on variant.


– Sensero-868 AC weather sensor:
makes it possible to define the required slat position depending on the wind, rain and sunlight.








-Weather sensor with light, twilight and wind function.
-230V/50Hz power supply
-Swivelling wall bracket or pole mounting possible.
-Manual operation of system possible.
-With rain sensor.


– Astro Tec 868 wall-mounted transmitter:
with integrated timer allowing you to program the opening and closing of the blinds to meet your needs.








– Vario Tel 2 remote control:








-5 individual channels and 1 central channel.
-Unidirectional and bidirectional.
-3 colours: pure white, silver, titanium grey.
-Radio frequency 868 MHz or 915 MHz for reliable transmission.


– Centero home automation centre for control via smartphone/app:










– The set consists of a server/gateway and 15-channel transmitter.
– The registered devices appear automatically in the app and can be renamed, grouped together and labelled with icons.
– Possibility of creating individual scenarios and automatic control sequences.
– Different users can access the centre simultaneously.

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