The blue bead called Protect


This belt has been developed in collaboration with industrial players in the field of agribusiness to meet the increasingly stringent requirements in the processing and packaging of food for consumption. Several criteria came out of listening to users in the field of dairies and cheese factories: Polyurethane resistant to lactic and cleaning agents. Armature completely embedded in polyurethane. Blue coloring to be visible in food in case of tearing of polyurethane particles. Resistant to hydrolysis. It is mainly these criteria that are part of the DNA of the belt that gave birth to the AT15 Protect belt.

A dairy has carried out prototyping tests for a turning application of more than 40 m with stringent environmental conditions. The results were more than satisfactory because we managed to quadruple the life of the belt. In the light of the success of this first, we deployed the concept on the AT5, AT10, AT20, T10, T20 belts and the F3 flat belt, thus covering all lifting, turning and transport functions with or without cleats and covers. . We have also developed a plug to seal the ends of the belt so that they are also protected from environmental aggressions.

Since its usefulness is made feel in many other applications and is available with a steel or stainless steel frame.


Main characteristics :


Polyurethane without hydrolysis. (no water or fluid recovery) Limitation of the risk of bacterial growth thanks to the polyurethane envelope around the metal frame.


Equipped with a galvanized steel or stainless steel frame of quality 302 or 316 AISI giving excellent resistance to fatigue and good resistance to traction.


Totally waterproof. Good resistance to detergents and cleaning agents.


Easily identifiable in the production line thanks to its blue color. Blue color specially selected because not natural, so easily detectable in food or on the production line.


FDA CFR§ 177.1680 and (EC) 1935-2004, (EC) 10/2011 and 2023/2006. Compliance with Directive 2002/72 / Eu and European Directives 90/128 / EEC and 96/11 / EC.

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