The queen of synchronous belts


The demands of economic growth and productivity are forcing manufacturers to develop machines with increasingly higher production capacities; this is the “produce more” over a given period.

That says increase of the cadences, says increase of the speeds of execution and inertia in movement.

Ten years ago we had already put on the market a new AT15 profile. Faced with new challenges, our parent company BRECO has worked hard to develop a new strap BRECOFlex and BRECO AT15Move.

Breco has made the following changes:

  • The tooth profile has been optimized by the finite element method by reproducing the dynamic behavior to achieve a perfect distribution of loads. This evolution results in less wear and longer life.

  • A new reinforced frame structure accepting additional constraints of bending and pulling.

  • A specific red PTEFE fabric on the toothing side to reduce friction and improve rigidity.

These evolutions bring the following advantages:

An additional frame stiffness of about 40% that allows either to increase speeds and inertia while maintaining excellent synchronization, or to reduce the width for equivalent stiffness.

The minimum winding diameter has been reduced, on the one hand, thanks to the work that has been done on the reinforcement structure and, on the other hand, by the reduction of the constraints related to the polygonal effect.

Higher stiffness also allowed us to move from 12 teeth to a 16-toothed grip in power transfer calculations.


The new-generation AT15 BRECOFLEXMove belt with continuous reinforcement is ideal for high-precision power transfer applications requiring high synchronization between the axes of rotation.

New-generation AT15 BRECOMove linear belt is therefore suitable for linear transfer applications requiring precision with high speeds, accelerations and decelerations.

The fact of having a higher stiffness constant thus makes it possible to greatly reduce the oscillation and the amplitude of the system.


You will also find product data sheets for these belts in dedicated selectors. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will be happy to answer your questions or request sizing.


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