Technical explanations for facade actuators

In association with ELERO, we possess 40 years of experience in the manufacture of electrical actuators. These reliable, robust actuators are particularly well-suited for facade applications. They have proven their strength and resistance in various demanding outdoor environments.


Your facade on the move

Every sun protection project must respond to specific constraints. The purpose of mobile facade elements, on the one hand, is to improve the indoor climate and to save or produce energy and, on the other, to give a building its own, exclusive character.


BINDER Magnetic can supply you with motorization systems designed to optimize heat, air, shade and light management in building interiors. These systems make it possible to position slats or open flaps. They guarantee positioning with millimetre accuracy and can withstand high static and dynamic loads.

Heat management

Sun protection and heat control. Slats moved by an electrical actuator or by a Limaline system.

Light management

Natural lighting to promote a healthy working environment. Slats moved by an electrical actuator or by a Limaline system.

Air management

Natural ventilation to increase quality of life. Opening of the controlled flaps using an electrical actuator.


These mechanisms are ecological and save the energy consumed by air conditioning and fan units. The motorization solutions available for louvres comply with building HQE requirements.



Linear electrical actuators: for rotation up to 140°

The actuator’s kinematic mechanism consists of a motor and a “bolt-and-nut” system that makes it possible to transform the rotational movement of the motor into the linear movement of the actuator rod.


General characteristics:

– 140° rotation of the louvre slats

–Stroke from 50 mm to 800 mm on demand (depending on model)

– Adjustable end-of-stroke limits (depending on model)

– Protection against bad weather (IP65 and IP67) and UV

– Can be mounted in all directions

– Temperature range: – 20 to + 80 °C

– Internal motorization (voltage 24 V DC or 230 V 1AC – 50 Hz)

– Material: anodized aluminium or stainless steel


Discreet actuator that blends with the architecture


Limaline: geared mechanism with splined transmission shaft for rotation up to 360°

The kinematic mechanism consists of a separate motor that drives a splined shaft. This splined shaft transmits the movement to the louvres.


General characteristics:

 – 360° rotation of the louvre slats

 – Unlimited light regulation

 – Your support bearings absorb the stress placed on the slats

 – Protection IP 20 (motorization IP44)

 – Automatic compensation for component expansion

 – Can be mounted horizontally or vertically

 – Temperature range: –  20° to +  60 °C

– Separate motorization (voltage 230 V 1AC – 50 Hz)


System integrated in the mullions

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