Technical informations of locking system

Mechanical locking systems

1 / Timing belt joint

Locks for T10 and AT10 pitches

The locks save maintenance time and afford your work teams complete freedom of action. The belts are supplied:

  • pre-prepared (cut to length and machined to the teeth and back level)
  • together with the kit (plates and screws).


The back of the belt is thicker owing to the inclusion of the locks.

Consult us for the specifications to be provided when ordering. A single quick connection kit can also be supplied.


Characteristics of quick

connection elements


Carbon fibre

reinforced polyamide


Length of locks

(tooth centre to tooth centre)

90 mm

Number of elements in kit


Width of back plate

8 mm

Total thickness of belt (DC version)

5,5 mm

Minimum number of teeth on pulleys

(normal backlash only)


Available widths in AT10 DC and T10 DC

32, 50, 75 and 100 mm

Transmittable forces in locks:


32 mm

550 N

50 mm

750 N

75 mm

1 000 N

100 mm

1 500 N

For belts with weld-on profiles a minimum distance of 100 mm between the profiles is required.


2 / Pin joint connections

The “PIN JOINT” system is available for the pitches T10, AT10, H, T20 and AT20 (other pitches on request). The ends are cut into fingers as for a weld, and then the teeth are pierced to allow the insertion of metal rods, which provide the connection.

The belt is assembled at the assembly site thanks to a mounting tool.

The mounting tool is available on request.

Available widths: 25, 32, 50 and 75 mm.



3 / BRECO® metal cross-teeth

When high loads are applied to the profiles it is advisable to use metal cross-teeth to fasten the profiles. Precautions must be taken in terms of the wrap diameters to prevent the tension members from being ruptured by the bending stresses.



For belt type

Screw type



50 AT10, 50 ATN10

M4 x 8

M4 x 12

M4 x 16


50 AT10, 50 ATN10, 100 AT10, 100 ATN 10

Stainless steel


75 AT10, 75 ATN10

Stainless steel



50 AT20, 50 ATN20

M5 x 12

M5 x 16

M5 x 20


Stainless steel


75 AT20, 75 ATN20

Stainless steel

Metal teeth AT10

Metal teeth AT20

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