Conveyor solutions

In modern machines, flat conveyor belts are often used to transport products. Timing belts are therefore the ideal solution for achieving the precision required when transporting products within a process. Our conveyors: The many different possibilities that we offer are described below and allow you to create the ideal conveyor: All metric and US pitches

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Locking solutions

The term “locking” covers a range of functions such as: Securing an object in a closed location in order to protect it against theft Securing the entrances and exits of premises. Controlling the passage of persons and their access to premises.   Three types of technology are used for locking applications: -electric actuators (motor +

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Contact solutions

Electrical energy is often controlled using switches (contactors or circuit breakers). When high electric voltages are used, the speed at which the contactors open and close is vital for the service life of the contacts. Indeed, if the contact does not open quickly enough, this creates an electric arc that damages the surface of the

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Waterway applications

Since 1992, we have been working together with the German company ADE WERK, which was the first to adapt electromechanical rams for waterway applications. Consequently, the first rams were installed in Germany, and since then more than 150 structures in Europe have been equipped with a total of 1400 rams. To open and close lock

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Access control

IT and telematics are making it possible to manage and optimize flows. Remote access control requires both a flow of information and an action that authorizes access. In the field of actuators, electromagnets represent a particularly suitable solution. Indeed, Binder Magnetic’s electromagnet technology is ideal for this application because it permits fast, reliable operation. The

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Medical applications

Innovation is vital in order to be competitive in the medical equipment market. It is also necessary to guarantee irreproachable manufacturing quality and ensure high production volumes. In France, we support manufacturers of analytical equipment and leaders in the profession. As of the equipment development phase, we supply them with complex belt drives and electromagnetic

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