Contact solutions

Electrical energy is often controlled using switches (contactors or circuit breakers).

When high electric voltages are used, the speed at which the contactors open and close is vital for the service life of the contacts.

Indeed, if the contact does not open quickly enough, this creates an electric arc that damages the surface of the contact and destroys it (it helps to think of this arc being similar to a lightning flash).

The high potential difference between the two contacts is responsible for this phenomenon because the charge crosses the free space between the contacts before they actually touch.

It is therefore essential for this movement to take place as quickly as possible.


Electromagnets are the perfect solution for ensuring these very short response times.

Various technologies can be examined and proposed:

  • The electromagnet powered directly by an AC current, designed with a laminated circuit and a core fitted with a shading coil.

  • Overexcitation using suitable electronics or DC capacitor discharge.

  • Electromagnetic lock with permanent magnet and powerful spring.


Our advice:

Other solutions can also be recommended. Thanks to our experience in this field, we have a thorough understanding of the associated technologies.

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