A grid can be used to calibrate sizes for the three-dimensional sorting of objects. Although this may be adequate, sorting does not always stop at this level.

The function often consists in identifying nonconforming products and removing them from the batch as they pass in front of an ejector.


Most of the time, conveyors transport objects that are monitored visually or by means of metal detectors or similar equipment.

Thus one of the monitoring functions detects the product that is to be removed and another makes it possible to exclude it so that it is no longer present in the batch of conforming products.

The continuous high transport and sorting speeds often necessitate very short response times.

The use of an ‘electromagnetic stopper’ has the following advantages when eliminating nonconforming products:

  • Very short electromagnetic response time

  • High throughput rate

  • Long service life and low maintenance

  • Clean and very quiet equipment.

  • Easy to install and extremely reliable

We will work with you to examine all the solutions and ensure they are reliable.

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