Agri-food industry

One of the main concerns in the agri-food industry is the food safety of products.  Indeed, while food is of great cultural significance in France, a series of health crises have damaged consumer confidence.  These scandals have resulted in particularly stringent European regulations and ever increasing demands on the part of consumers.

  Thanks to its experience in the agricultural and food sector, Binder Magnetic is able to offer a range of products that make it possible to boost profitability while also improving factory productivity. What is more, our products have been developed to give consumers the assurance that the most demanding European standards are respected.

Binder Magnetic can help you to:

  • Increase profitability and ensure productivity

  • Guarantee irreproachable food safety

  • Cut energy consumption

  • Extend the intervals between maintenance operations


  The production equipment used in the agri-food industry is subject to intensive operating conditions in particularly harsh environments where the use of aggressive detergent products is commonplace. To respond to these very specific demands, Binder Magnetic has developed a range of BRECOProtect® belts.  These belts can be found in every sector, and in particular in applications involving:

    • linear load transfer

    • lifting

    • packaging

    • conveyor transport

  The BRECOProtect®  belt was designed to meet the requirements of the American FDA regulations and European directives.


  When automating production lines, it is necessary to make use of reliable, robust equipment. To meet this requirement and also to overcome the energy losses associated with hydraulic and pneumatic systems, Binder Magnetic has developed a range of electromechanical rams.  Our products are entirely made of reinforced stainless steel offering a high level of protection. In this way, they prevent any penetration by foreign bodies or liquids in applications such as:

    • lifting

    • positioning

    • pressurization

    • movement of low and heavy loads



The guaranteed quality of the production equipment ensures the safety of consumers and operators alike. And it is precisely this factor that makes Binder Magnetic so special. We are committed to supplying very high-performance electromagnetic products, such as electromagnets or holding magnets, for applications involving:

    • locking

    • holding

    • exclusion of nonconforming products, sorting product variants, ejection

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