Sunlight protection

One of the easiest and most effective ways of protecting a building against heat and regulate the amount of natural light is to use an external venetian blind (EVB). To ensure full compliance with the thermal regulations of 2012, these are equipped with directable, motorized slats that are driven using our actuators.

  Binder Magnetic has therefore developed a series of actuators intended for year-round outdoor use that make it possible to achieve all types of travel stroke. They ensure the extremely precise positioning of the slats and can withstand high static or dynamic (wind) loads.

Binder-Magnetic therefore possesses solutions for:

  • bioclimatic pergolas

  • motorizing curtain walls

  • orienting your EVB slats

  • ventilation  or smoke evacuation



Our  PICOLO  XL  actuator is used for the orientation of horizontal slats.

The ECONOM  range can be used to control very long slats.

Radio controls are available for the remote operation and programming of your installation.


Our Picolo actuator is particularly well-suited for motorized pergolas. Its small diameter makes it easy to integrate in the installation and its anodized aluminium body means that it can be used outdoors without difficulty. In this way, it provides the performance to meet your needs and has the reliability to pass every test.

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