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    Junior 1 – C – FS60% – 24 VDC

    Junior Industrial actuator

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    The JUNIOR are the smallest models in our range.They are compact and the parallel actuator allows a very small center distance.
    Some applications:
    - proportional adjustment
    - tilting device
    > - Shutter or shutter control
    - Circuit breaker control

    Dimensional plan


    Product range Junior Industrial actuator

    Technical characteristics

    Type of screw Steel screws - Synthetic nut
    Stroke lenght From 100 to 200 mm
    Temperature range -10 to +50. °C
    Material of the stem actuator Aluminum alloy
    Axial Hexagonal with anti-rotation system
    Double scraper Yes
    Switch at the end of stroke electromechanical adjustable
    Axial fastening Fixed eyecup
    Cylinder actuator attachment Fixed double eyecup
    Material of the cylinder actuator Aluminum and plastic
    Color treatment Black and silver
    With electromagnetic brake No

    Mechanical data

    Stroke speed 17 mm/s

    Electrical data

    Duty ratio FS3 (60%) %
    Voltage type Courant continu
    Supply voltage 24 V
    IP protection IP54.
    Motor current 1,1 A


    Options Position sensor: Potentiometer or encoder Supply voltage: 12VDC or 48VDC


    Accessories Adjustable eyepiece / Swivel / Spring Rod end Clevis

    Masses and dimensions

    Dimension b (for the standard mini stroke) 172 mm
    Dimension c 40 mm
    Dimension d 80 mm
    Dimension note Download the documentation to have the additional dimensions.