SM5 Tension meter

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    The SM5 is a mounting tension tester and tester for all types of belts. Pre-tension control is essential to ensure smooth transmission.

    1 / Advantages :

    A good pretension:     

    • preserves the life of the belt and bearings,    
    •  improves the quality of meshing and positioning,     
    • limits the sound level,     
    • improves efficiency, therefore limits energy consumption.

    The parallelism of the pulleys can also be controlled with wide belts by comparative measurement of both sides of the belt.

    2 / Specificities :

    • Compatible with all types of belts,
    • Practical and easy to use for assemblers or maintenance service,
    • Very comfortable to use: very good reading, display with backlight, battery wear indicator,
    • Excellent price / performance ratio.

    3 / Characteristics of the SM5:

    • Built-in sensor (standard)
    • Measuring range: from 7 to 450 Hz, Accuracy: ± 5 Hz,
    • Supplied with 9-volt long battery (6LR61),
    • CE compliant.

    4 / Principle of use :

    The SM5 measures the natural frequency of vibration of a belt tensioned between two pulleys and allows to calculate the pretension of the assembly Fpt. Just hold the button down for a few seconds to make the controller operational.

    The ignition of the controller is checked by a beep and a backlight of the display.

    The display shows 0 Hertz and the battery level and the word "Ready", it is ready to use:     

    • Point the light beam at a distance of 1 to 3 cm from the back of the belt,     
    • Vibrate the belt: a beep and a backlight warn of the measurement of the vibration frequency of the belt,     
    • Wait a few seconds and display "Ready" to repeat another measurement. Turn off the device by holding the button down for a few seconds.


    5/ An application to make the best use of your SM5 controller :

    To download the Brecoflex SM Meter smartphone application, click on the icon below: