Binder Magnetic, our brands

For over forty years, BINDER MAGNETIC has been a supplier of innovative, high-quality products. To make sure that we offer only the best, we have joined forces with the leading European players in their respective fields.

Our brands:

To continue to extend our status as leading French supplier, we offer you the market’s best polyurethane and rubber timing belts – designed and manufactured in Germany:

  • In the factory of our parent company BRECO

  • By our exclusive partner CONTITECH


In the field of electromagnetic technology, we provide you with:

  • The development skills of the European leader in the field, KENDRION

  • The flexibility and exceptional value-for-money offered by solutions from NAFSA

As far as our range of electromechanical actuators is concerned, we offer you:

  • The custom-built range of high-performance actuators fromADE

  • The modular standard solutions from ELERO

Latest news


A prestigious Jukebox equipped with Binder magnetic toothed belts.

This modern Jukebox, manufactured by the company Orphéau, is a HiFi system of excellence that allows the reading of vinyl records 33 turns. A unique analogue sound is produced with a large choice of 20 discs housed in the same furniture. The device is fully robotic and automated disk change movements are carried out by

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Why use a “monostable” electromagnet?

It is the electromagnet that has the greatest number of possibilities of adaptation at the lowest price!   Its operation is clever and energy efficient: functioning: Attraction of the nucleus in the electromagnet: When powering up, the kernel (in yellow) is attracted by the field created by the coil (in green) When the core arrives

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