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We provide high-quality technical solutions in order to respond to your needs and guarantee the optimum service life for your applications.

Our engineers are available to help you:

  • During complex installation tasks

  • When commissioning new lines

  • By teaching you how to weld our belts on-site

  • During function analyses

  • When making improvements to existing lines

  • By advising you on new projects

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our engineers or experts so that, together, we can identify the best technical and commercial solution for your application.

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Lightweight construction with polyurethane timing belts

A barely manageable demand for rotor blade repairs is looming on the horizon in the wind power industry. The solution: Amobile service platform of the Brandenburg-based company WP Systems GmbH has doubled the number of possible maintenance assignments per year compared to previous systems. The platform features BRECO® timing belt drives, which play an important

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A prestigious Jukebox equipped with Binder magnetic toothed belts.

This modern Jukebox, manufactured by the company Orphéau, is a HiFi system of excellence that allows the reading of vinyl records 33 turns. A unique analogue sound is produced with a large choice of 20 discs housed in the same furniture. The device is fully robotic and automated disk change movements are carried out by

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