Leader in the field of transmission belts since 1971

Binder Magnetic, a vital partner to industry

BINDER MAGNETIC is the leading French manufacturer of transmission technologies using toothed belts. With a wealth of industrial experience and a customer base going back nearly 50 years, our company became a subsidiary of BRECO, the inventor of extruded belts, some 20 years ago. Consequently, we benefit from the strength of an international group with a workforce of 450. This allows us to offer you the innovation and creativity that are vital for your success. We have also entered into exclusive partnerships with Europe’s most prestigious suppliers such as KENDRION, NAFSA, ADE and ELERO in order to be able to cover the majority of requirements in the transmission field.

The transmission expert

Our aim is to supply the transmission parts that most closely meet your needs in order to transport, fix, lock etc. the products or components involved in your processes.

Source of solutions

With tens of thousands of products ready and waiting in stock, a fast customization capability and the expertise to work on bespoke projects, we are able to advise and support you and supply you with the optimum components for your applications.

Made in France

Our production plant is able to manufacture made-to-measure belts and pulleys within a period of only three weeks. From prototypes, through urgent manufacturing jobs and on to small series, we perform 20% of our production ourselves.



Electromagnetic brakes and clutches on demand

BINDER MAGNETIC offers you a complete range of brakes and clutches from the unit to several thousand pieces. For all your applications in the most varied fields, we have a solution for your processes. With spring pressure or with permanent magnets, with current draw or safety, we realize on plan or specification of the product

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13/02/2018 - Product

New: control units for slat pergolas.

The pergolas of yesteryear that were made of wood and provided a framework for climbing plants have been superseded by innovative design worlds that are underpinned by sophisticated technologies to create warm, welcoming outdoor living spaces. That is why Elero has developed a control unit that includes a radio receiver to make it possible to

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13/02/2018 - Product

New Brecoflex® move AT10 belt

The Brecoflex® move belt was developed specifically for high-performance drives and for systems that need high levels of stiffness. The new generation of cords increases stiffness and traction-resistance and therefore makes it possible to transfer greater forces. The tooth geometry has been optimized using the finite element method. This has made it possible to optimize the

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