Electromechanical actuators for bridges, fishways and flood gates
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Electromechanical actuators for bridges, fishways and flood gates

Electromechanical actuators for bridges, fishways and flood gates

Electromechanical actuators for bridges, fishways and flood gates

We offer a wide range of ADE actuators for all types of structures: lift bridges for hydroelectric power stations, swing bridges, swing gates for fishways, flood barriers, etc.

Characteristics of the actuators

Possible strokes and forces


Mounting accessories

  • IP 65 to IP 68 electromechanical actuators
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-locking actuators (or reversible if required) 
  • Designed to operate in aggressive environments
  • Efficient and economical in use
  • Stroke: from 100 mm to 10 m
  • Force: from 1 kN to 2000 kN
  • Possibility of setting a different force in the pull/push direction
  • Force limiter in both directions
  • Limit switch 
  • 4-20mA position feedback signal
  • Adjustable speed by frequency variation
  • Manual, electric or thermal unit emergency control
  • Universal joints
  • Clevis pins

Actuators for control valves in hydroelectric power plants

Example: Tacen-Kanutrail hydropower plant, Slovenia

The control valve of the hydropower plant is operated by an ADE 50 kN/2550mm electric actuator.



Actuators for swing bridges

Example: Motorisation of the Hitzacker swing bridge in Lower Saxony (Germany)

This structure, installed in 2020, incorporates a 100kN/2300mm actuator to drive the rotation of the bridge.


Actuators for gate valves

Example: Oranjesluizen fish pass (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

This fish pass is equipped with a 50kN/2550mm knife gate actuator.



Actuators for anti-flood doors and locks 

Example: Anti-flooding door in St. Pauli harbour (Elbe, Hamburg)

This structure, installed in 2009, consists of 8 actuators of 150 kN/2100mm for driving 4 doors (2 actuators are coupled per door).


Actuators for flood gates and locks 

Example: flood barrier Town of Ipswich (Port of Ipswich - England) 

This structure installed in 2019 is composed of 2 actuators of 80kN/1400mm to drive the 2 anti-flooding gates



Actuators for motorisation of bridges and special structures

Example: Actuator for motorisation of Enkeerdbrug (fiets- voetgangersbrug) located at Pont à Loon, Netherlands

This structure installed in 2021 is motorised by 1 actuator (forces and stroke currently under validation) for raising and lowering the deck.