Electric actuators for dams, weirs and valves
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Electric actuators for dams, weirs and valves

Electric actuators for dams, weirs and valves

Electric actuators for dams, weirs and gates

We install electromechanical actuators to open and close flap gates, knife gate valves or segment valves. Our ADE actuators are all equipped with a shock absorbing system, the actuators are designed for an average operating life of 30 years!

Characteristics of the actuators

Possible strokes and forces


Mounting accessories

  • IP 65 to IP 68 electromechanical actuators
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-locking actuators (or reversible if required) 
  • Designed to operate in aggressive environments
  • Efficient and economical in use
  • Stroke: from 100 mm to 10 m
  • Force: from 1 kN to 2000 kN
  • Possibility of setting a different force in the pull/push direction
  • Force limiter in both directions
  • Limit switch 
  • 4-20mA position feedback signal
  • Adjustable speed by frequency variation
  • Manual, electric or thermal unit emergency control
  • Universal joints
  • Clevis pins

Actuators for flap dams

Example: Lorraine dam - Alliers

Commissioned in 2014, this dam integrates 2 MST 140 actuators with a force of 700 kN and a stroke of 3500mm to motorise the 2 dam valves.


Actuators for knife gate valves

Example: Hoftal flood barrier/water reservoir (Bottwar, Baden-Württemberg) Germany

This fishway with a knife gate commissioned in 2019 includes 4 MST 80 actuators with a force of 70 kN and a stroke of 3150 mm to drive the knife gate spool.


Actuators for segment valves

Example: Märhisch Buchholz weir (Brandenburg)

This structure consists of 1 actuator with a force of 290 kN and a stroke of 1800 mm.


Example: Segment flap dam in Lauenburg, Germany (Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal, Schlesig-Holstein).

This dam, commissioned in 2021, has one 425 kN / 4200 mm stroke actuator for the segmental flap gate!