Electric actuators for sluices and guard gates
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Electric actuators for sluices and guard gates

Electric actuators for sluices and guard gates

Electric actuators for sluices and guard gates

Our electro-mechanical actuators for gate valves and aqueduct gates are installed on many small and large sluices in France and in Europe. The revolving segment gate of the Dörveden sluice in Germany is operated by 3 huge 1600 kN ADE actuators!

Characteristics of the actuators

Possible strokes and forces


Mounting accessories

  • IP 65 to IP 68 electromechanical actuators
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-locking actuators (or reversible if required) 
  • Designed to operate in aggressive environments
  • Efficient and economical in use
  • Stroke: from 100 mm to 10 m
  • Force: from 1 kN to 2000 kN
  • Possibility of setting a different force in the pull/push direction
  • Force limiter in both directions
  • Limit switch 
  • 4-20mA position feedback signal
  • Adjustable speed by frequency variation
  • Manual, electric or thermal unit emergency control
  • Universal joints
  • Clevis pins
  • Dampers 

Actuators for wing doors

Example: Don Sluice - 2018

The Don sluice includes:

  • 2 upstream gate actuators: 520kN/2815mm
  • 2 downstream gate actuators: 241kN/2600mm
  • 9 gate actuators: 50kN/530mm




Example: Dörveden Large Gauge Sluice in Germany

This structure consists of 3 actuators with a force of 1600 kN to operate a rotating segment gate.



Actuators for aqueduct gates 

Example: Grand-Carré sluice, Lille, 2019

This large gauge sluice on the Deûle river is composed of :

  • 4 gate actuators 250kN/2600mm
  • 4 gate actuators 185kN/2900mm


Actuators for leaves

Example: Harelbeke sluice (Leie) in Belgium

This large sluice incorporates 19 actuators with a force of 39 kN and a stroke of 1450 mm for the gantries.


Example: Talange sluice (57) - Moselle bypass canal

This sluice is composed of :

  • 4 actuators with a force of 58.5kN and a stroke of 1200mm for the gate
  • 4 actuators with a force of 70kN and a stroke of 1000mm for the bypass aqueduct valve