Our parent company BRECO enjoys worldwide renown as the most innovative group active in the field of polyurethane-based toothed belts. Our unceasing quest for progress over the last 50 years has enabled us to innovate and drive technology forward in order to supply machine manufacturers worldwide with products that offer outstanding performance while respecting our employees and the environment.

Now with a workforce of 450 employees, the group manufactures the great majority of our products at its historic site in PORTA WESFALICA in northern Germany.

Thus 250 employees innovate, invent and manufacture at this plant, which is constantly growing and modernizing.

To ensure the greatest possible proximity to its customers, the group has strengthened its position, in particular through the acquisition of four subsidiaries worldwide:

  • BRECOFLEX Corporation in New Jersey in the USA


  • ANTON KLOCKE in Bielefeld, Germany

  • WALTER ROTHERMUNDT in Mönchengladbach, Germany


The marketing of the products and technical consulting is entrusted to the economic interest group MULCO, which consists of 14 partners throughout Europe.

Some important dates in the history of BRECO

1967The company was founded by Mr. Breher
1968Development and patenting of the linear extrusion of reinforced polyurethane belts
1975Development and patenting of the extrusion of BRECOFLEX reinforced polyurethane belts for power transmission
1985Start of the production of pulleys and transmission components
1988Integration of WALTER ROTHERMUNDT into the group
1989Founding of the US subsidiary BRECOFLEX Corporation
1992Integration of ANTON KLOCKE into the group
1995Integration of BINDER MAGNETIC into the group
2000Development and patenting of the ATN modular system
2005Launch of the BRECOFLEX plus belts
2012Launch of the range of PROTECT belts for the agri-food industry
2013Launch of the range of BASIC belts
2016Launch of the new generation of BRECOMOVE belts for use in high-performance drives
2020Launch of the "REDEX" universal coating
2022Patent application for the application of 3D printed clamps on the back of the belts

Presentation of the BRECO Group:

The BRECO Group is responsible for the invention of extruded polyurethane belts reinforced with steel cables and has brought about significant advances in the design of transmission drives in the mechanical engineering industry, for example by making it possible to:

  • Use power-transmission belts of 25 metres in length

  • Use conveyor belts manufactured to order and suitable for a huge variety of processes

  • Transmit movements over more than 100 metres with a precision unequalled by other systems

  • Improve reliability, increase equipment service lives and reduce maintenance during manufacturing processes

  • And also to reduce the sound emission and costs of numerous functions

  • Guarantee the correct operation of the entire transmission assembly by combining our belts with compatible pulleys and accessories also produced by us

This is why we strive to constantly offer our customers new innovations to reduce equipment footprints, enhance precision and gain in speed in order to meet the growing demands placed on the cost-effectiveness of industrial processes.

In short, we are committed to remaining attentive to the market and anticipating our customers’ needs and this is why we have been able to continue creating highly efficient, innovative solutions for over 50 years.