Linear belts

The Binder®premium range has been specially designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding applications and provides solutions to increasingly high production rates in the industry and to the ever more drastic compliance required in the food industry.

The Binder®custom range has been enriched with all our know-how in order to meet the requirements and constraints of the most diverse applications. It adapts to all areas of activity thanks to its manufacturing modularity.

The BINDER®access range of belts combines our most economical solutions. It has been developed to meet the needs of the market for simple and undemanding applications and is ideal for the most common linear movements.

Conveying belts

The BINDER®premium range includes all transmissions designed for modular type conveyors. BRECO ATN® and BINDERmodul belts have been designed for easy assembly of drive profiles.

Our core BINDER®custom range includes all of our joinable belts to meet your specific demands. Three types of joints are possible depending on the constraints of the application and the need for assembly.

The BINDER®access range has been studied and developed to meet the transport constraints of many products. The BRECObasic® belt fitted as standard with thermoplastic coatings is our economical solution for simple conveying and transport applications.

Power belts

The BINDER®premium range of belts meet the needs of the most demanding applications in terms of speed, power and precision. Here you will find the latest generation belts such as BRECOFLEX®move, SYNCHROFLEX®GENIII and SYNCHROCHAIN.

BINDER®custom belts are designed for a wide variety of applications. Many variants are available depending on the frame and the type of polyurethane selected to meet all the constraints related to your most varied applications.

The BINDER®access belt range consists of first generation belts which are ideally suited for conventional applications. It covers all profiles and pitches. It is available from stock to respond quickly to the spare part market.