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BRECO®Move belt

First of all, the new-generation BRECO® Move belt, available in AT10 and AT15 profile, is designed for very high precision linear drives, high speed, high load and very high positioning accuracy..

BRECO®Protect alimentary belt

The BRECO® Protect belt has been developed for aggressive environments and food applications. In addition, the belts are FDA compliant according to 21 CFR regulations and comply with migration tests according to European directives.

BRECO® Performance belt

The BRECO ATL belt is suitable for high-stress applications. It is equipped with a reinforced reinforcement which gives the system a better positioning accuracy, a greater rigidity as well as a more efficient dynamic behavior.

BRECO® Standard belt

The BRECO® Standard belt is our heart of the range. Thus having a wide variety of steps / profiles that can adapt to all kinematics and constraints with a wide range of available options.

Self-guided BRECO®  belt

The self-guided BRECO® belt is used in precision linear transmissions. In particular, those not requiring a flange, not undergoing any lateral drift and requiring a perfect alignment of the pulleys.

BRECO® Basic belt

The Breco Basic belt is intended for simple applications that do not require high positioning accuracy and that operate under limited tensile stresses. It is available in T10 and AT10 profiles.

CONTI® Synchrodrive flexibility belt

The CONTI ® Synchrodrive flexibility belt is made for basic linear transmissions with small winding diameters. In particular, those that do not require a high positioning accuracy and can evolve with a low pretension on the frame.

CONTI® Synchrodrive Performance and flexibility belt

The CONTI® Synchrodrive Performance and Flexibility belt is suitable for linear applications with medium loads and small winding diameters.

Courroie CONTI® Synchrodrive Performance

The CONTI® Synchrodrive Performance belt is reserved for linear applications of medium loads and standard winding diameters.

CONTI® Synchrodrive High Resistance belt

The CONTI® Synchrodrive High Resistance belt is reserved for linear applications with heavy loads and standard winding diameter.

BRECO® Plate belt

The BRECO® Plate is suitable for low and medium load lifting applications. It is also provided with a frame giving it a great constant stiffness with the advantage of not lengthening in time.

CONTI® Polyflat belt

The Polyflat belt is suitable for heavy duty lifting applications. It is also provided with a reinforced reinforcement conferring a very great constant stiffness and little elongation in time.