Product range


Force at beginning of stroke

0 - 1310

Force at end of stroke

0 - 2810

Body length


Width solenoid

Duty cycle


Technical explanations
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Solenoids for simple operation

Single-acting solenoids are for common applications. The magnetic field delivered by the coil upon power-up attracts the core. Then, the nucleus becomes free again in the absence of current. They are thus available in different designs, folded sheet, square profiled, machined in the mass.

Solenoids for double maneuvering

Double or double coil electromagnets are intended for control applications. During the respective power up, the action of one of the two coils attracts the through core. They are available in folded sheet design and machined in the mass.

Monostable solenoids

Single-solenoid electromagnets are intended for applications requiring a maintenance-free position for reasons of energy saving or safety. The core is attracted by the magnetic field of the coil during power up and remains maintained by the magnetic field delivered by the permanent magnet. Then a simple inversion of the polarity of the power supply makes it possible to neutralize the magnetic field of the magnet which has the effect of releasing the core.

Bistable solenoids

The bistable solenoid consists of two coils and each coil draws by energizing the through core. The magnetic field delivered by one of the two permanent magnets maintains the position. It is then necessary to reverse the polarity of the closed kernel side coil to cancel the magnetic field of the magnet. And also feed the other coil to attract the nucleus in the other direction.