A new offer of pulleys


One of your most frequently asked questions is to be delivered in pulleys in less than three weeks!

80% of the pulleys that we manufacture for you in our French production site are complex enough that their realization requires bars of raw materials of different origins and at least the use of three types of machine tools. The completion times are then four weeks and even five when a surface treatment is requested.


The extensive study of the pulley geometries we have produced for you over the last three years shows that in 20% of the cases, the pulleys you draw are simple enough that their design is close to the standard pulleys in our catalog.

So we have set up a new production short circuit to deliver pulleys in two weeks, if they respect the following data:    

  • have a number of teeth between 18 and 60     
  • to be in T5, T10, AT5 and AT10 pitches which represent 80% of your requests     
  • be made of standard aluminum     
  • limit machining to the following cases (custom bore, recesses, standard keyways and radial holes)


If your pulleys respect these few restrictions or that you can change their design in this sense, BINDER MAGNETIC guarantees you a delivery time of two weeks, a quality according to our high standards and a very competitive price.


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