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Product range

Stroke speed

0 - 100

Length of stroke

Junior industrial actuators

First, the JUNIOR are the smallest models in our range. Thus, they are compact and the engine placed parallel to the engine allows a very reduced spacing.

Picolo industrial actuators

PICOLO are a very compact cylindrical design and are among the smallest diameters in our range. They have a low noise level and the stainless steel models are particularly resistant to corrosion and salt spray.

In addition, their high protection index is also a major asset in the food and industrial sectors.

Compakt industrial actuators

COMPAKT can transmit high forces in a small footprint. They can also be equipped with a ball screw for more performance.

Econom industrial actuators

The ECONOM are the most “intelligent” cylinders of the range with their many options and possibilities of customization: tension, speed, force, tightness … It also exists in stainless steel version.

Herkules industrial actuators

HERKULES are the only actuators in our range to have a tube-shaped outer rod. They support high static loads and are shock resistant. They are designed to withstand extreme constraints.

Vario industrial actuators

The VARIO are the strongest performers and have bigger races. In addition, they support high static loads. Depending on the desired speed, they will be equipped with ball screws or trapezoidal.