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    This sliding profile, which is particularly suitable for BRECO® belts, is made of high density green polyethilene HDPE material. The belt is guidedcan be guided by slider profiles with edges -version CB- or by a central trapezoidal groove-version CK.

    Dimensional plan

    Technical characteristics

    Profile/pitch AT20
    Material PEHD 500/1000

    Mass and dimensions

    Belt width 50 mm
    Dimension b 65 mm
    Dimension H 25 mm
    Dimension E 20 mm
    Dimension F 60 mm
    Epaisseur profilé a 2,5 mm
    Dimension c 7 mm
    Dimension d 8 mm


    Characteristics Slider designed for small loads and low speed, p = 0.005 N / mm² and v max = 1 m / s. Its resistance to wear has been proven. The support frame is in galvanized steel or, on request, in stainless ste


    Notes The coefficient of expansion of the HDPE material is important, account must be taken of an elongation of 0.2 mm / m of profile per ° C. For this purpose, the profile can freely expand in its support
    Dimension m 12 mm
    Dimension n 2 mm