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    Conveyor with tranverse drive and optical window

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    The perpendicular motor conveyor is compact thanks to the innovative design allowing the integration of the motor partially or in its entirety in the conveyor. It has an optical window for better control of parts and is equipped with a DC motor with servo. It is designed on the basis of profiles that can easily integrate into a new or existing production line.

    Speed/output relationship curve

    Dimensional plan

    Mass and dimensions

    Height 40 mm
    Width 80 mm
    Standard spacing 1200 mm
    Conveyor belt width 65 mm

    Mechanical data

    Maximum charge 20 N
    Linear speed factory setting 24 m/min
    Min. Linear speed, 1V DC analog signal 5 m/min
    Max. Linear speed, 10V DC analog signal 30 m/min

    Technical characteristics

    Belt designation Translucent flat band FDA

    Electrical data

    Connection Wire 2,5 m (6 x 0,14 mm²)
    Standard voltages 24 VDC


    Product range Conveyor with tranverse drive and optical window
    Other characteristics 24VDC / 1.23A white color diode
    Options Specific conveyor belt on request. External encoder VSW-11 or VR-24-S-SW-11. Specific spacing on request.
    Type of belt Flat band