OAC 003002

    Electromagnetic vibrator

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    The fixed magnetic body of the vibrator, supplied with a 230V AC alternating current, generates an alternating attraction at 50 Hz on the block opposite which is fixed on the machine to vibrate. This special magnetic block will be positioned at a distance from the vibrator thus forming a working air gap. Ensure that there is no mechanical contact between the vibrator and the magnetic block during operation to avoid shocks. The amplitude of the movement is adjusted using the VF6 voltage variator.

    Dimensional plan


    Product range Electromagnetic vibrator

    Electrical data

    Connection Free wires
    Insulation class Y
    Standard voltages 230V AC/50 Hz single phase V
    Frequency 50 Hz
    IP protection IP54

    Masses and dimensions

    Power at 50Hz 14 VA
    Nominal airgap 2 mm
    Peak force with nominal airgap 4 N
    Vibrator weight (without mounting plate) 0,14 kg
    Weight of the magnetic block 0,3 kg