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    Actuators for waterway applications.

    The special electromechanical actuators for inland waterway applications are developed in a spirit of sustainable development and are part of an all-electric approach that facilitates and reduces maintenance.


    Technical specificities :

    Below 2 shots presenting the composition of a cylinder and some of its specificities :

    1. motor with brake,
    2. Belleville washers,
    3. bearings, trapezoidal,
    4. ball or planetary screw systems,
    5. cylinder body,
    6. rod,
    7. guide,
    8. ball joint.

    ADE electric actuator in section:


    3D view of an ADE electric actuator:



    Mechanical specificities, motorization


    The mechanical specificities of the ADE electric actuators are:     

    • Bellevilles built-in damping system designed for the absorption of axial shocks related to operation,     
    • the system of translation by screw / trapezoidal nut or ball screw or even planetary system, according to the efforts and the number of cycles. In addition, the elements are calculated for average lifetimes of up to 35 years,     
    • a cylinder rod immobilized in rotation by internal keying,     
    • an ST52 steel cylinder rod with ceramic coating. The ceramic coating has a minimum test certificate 1000H according to DIN ISO 9227,    
    • a guide head equipped with seals for IP 68 anti-corrosion protection, which is also equipped with an icebreaker seal,     
    • O-rings equip all the connections of the parts by flasks     
    • all the unpainted exterior parts are made of stainless steel,     
    • all external screws are made of stainless steel,     
    • a ball joint with anti-corrosion and maintenance-free protection,     
    • the greasing is done by a lubricator WGK 1    
    • a special painting approved fluvial construction covers the cylinders

    Information on the engine:     

    • Multi-turn servomotor with fluvial construction approval,     
    • Voltage: 400 V 50 Hz,     
    • Power: according to type of cylinder,     
    • Protection: IP 68 DS with overmoulding of connection connectors allowing operation under 2 meters of water,     
    • Motor protection: by 3 thermo-contacts integrated into the winding,     
    • Insulation class F,     
    • Motor intended for operation by variation of frequency,     
    • With removable manual control wheel to compensate for power outages



    Commands, interfaces, maintenance

    The controls of the ADE lock actuators composed of:

    • 2 integrated limit switches for position stem exit and stem retracted,     
    • as well as 2 limit position sensors for intermediate position,     
    • 2 torque limiters in the direction of the exit rod and the retracted rod,     
    • a heating resistor,     
    • an electronic position indicator 4-20mA.


    Interfaces and connections:     

    • the mechanical interfacing is done by trunnions on the cylinder and by a ball joint (without dowel) or by a thread on the cylinder rod     
    • electrical connections are via IP 68 connectors


    Easy installation:     

    • In this respect, the cylinders are compact and discreet, integrating easily into the environment.    Simply connect the cylinders to the mains via a cabinet.


    Care and maintenance :     

    • Lubrication: Annual lubrication is provided at the points designed for this purpose.     
    • The replacement of seals and sealing systems is to be done every twelve years. This gap is the result of our 15 years of experience in Germany and France on works installed since 1995 and 2000, respectively.     
    • All the organs are studied and designed for a lifetime according to the specifications.