CB32-T10/AT10-2000 Slider beds

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This sliding profile, which is particularly suitable for BRECO® belts, is made of high density green polyethilene HDPE material. The belt is guidedcan be guided by slider profiles with edges -version CB- or by a central trapezoidal groove-version CK.
Slider beds
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Dimensional plan
PEHD 500/1000
Profile / Pitch
Thickness of profile a
2,5 mm
Dimension E
18 mm
Dimension F
38 mm
Belt width
32 mm
Dimension b
43 mm
Dimension H
20 mm
Dimension c
7 mm
Dimension d
6 mm
The coefficient of expansion of the HDPE material is important, account must be taken of an elongation of 0.2 mm / m of profile per ° C. For this purpose, the profile can freely expand in its support