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    MSK-12 – C600 – V120 – in-line engine

    Industrial actuator - Assembly with in-line engine and fixation by pins

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    Bottom of the range of our special actuators of big capacity, the MSK12 is recommended for races lower than 500 mm and are limited in 4000N of contagious strength. As the set of the jacks of this range, they ally robustness and precision while offering a compact installation and a functioning simple. Some applications : - Process automobiles - Line of assembly - Locking of tanks in chemistry

    Force-velocity and buckling curves

    Dimensional plan


    Product range Industrial actuator - Assembly with in-line motor and trunnion mounting

    Technical characteristics

    Type of screw Ballscrew KG16x5/x10
    Stroke lenght 600 mm
    Temperature range -25 to +80
    Material of the stem actuator Steel
    Axial With anti-rotation system
    Scraper Scraper doubles at the exit of the stalk
    Switch at the end of stroke With information of return
    Axial fastening Tip with kneecap zinc-plated or zinc-plated screed
    Cylinder actuator attachment Anti-corrosion treated pins
    Material of the cylinder actuator Steel
    Color treatment Acrylic paint RAL 9007
    Brake Yes

    Mechanical data

    Strenght of movement (strength max) 4000 N
    Stroke speed 120 mm/s

    Electrical data

    Duty ratio S1 %
    Voltage type Three-phase
    Supply voltage 400 V
    IP protection IP 54
    Tension brake 400 V
    Motor power 0.75 kW
    Limit switch SME-8
    Number of poles 2


    Options Electric Limiteur of mechanical overload. Sensor of position: coder or linear potentiometer Tachometer Threading of various steps Execution for outdoor use and in corrosive environment.


    Accessories Landings supports Screed of fixationNut of safety Bellows and tubes of protection