OSR 101 002

    Vibrator to fix

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    The magnetic body of the vibrator powered with AC 230V AC produces motion. The attraction is alternative between the vibrator and the magnetic steel piece vis-à-vis induces the vibration. The amplitude of the movement is adjusted by means of a VF6 voltage variator. Fixing will be done by the 2 legs integrated in the vibrator and equipped with permanent magnet of maintenance on the element to be vibrated. The adjustment of the gap will be done automatically thanks to these tabs. In this assembly, the mass of the vibrator and its inertia in motion generate the vibration.


    Product range Vibrator to fix

    Electrical data

    Connection Bi-conductor cable
    Insulation class E
    Standard voltages 230V AC/50 Hz single phase V
    Frequency 50 Hz
    IP protection IP 60
    Absorbed power 48 VA

    Mechanical data

    Max. gap 3 mm
    Magnetic force with air gap 1 mm 30 N
    Magnetic force with air gap 2 mm 17 N
    Magnetic force with air gap 3 mm 13 N

    Masses and dimensions

    Total weight 0,56 kg